Benefits of a Regenerative Food System

This exciting program has two components. We are helping to recover and redistribute edible food to folks in need through charities, and to collect food scraps for either animal food or composting to grow more healthy food for the community.

Food Recovery for Charities:


Businesses will enter the quantity and type of food they have into the app Waste No Food. An eligible Charity will pick it up to redistribute it to people in need.

Compost or Animal Food:


We will provide businesses with buckets and lids to deposit plant-based food waste at their establishment. Once the buckets become full, businesses would post the full bucket/s on the Waste No Foodapp. A volunteer Recipient will then accept the posted food scrap donation for pick up on the “Waste No Food” app and arrange pickup. Upon pickup, volunteers will deliver clean and empty buckets for the next collection.

Open to restaurants, grocery stores, markets, food banks, food pantries, and more!

Donors provide the food, Recipients will collect and redistribute them.

Benefits to your business:

  • Help reduce hunger in the community

  • Reduced food waste in the dumpster

  • Less waste is produced which may reduce your trash bill

  • Less smelly trash

  • Adopt eco-friendly practices

  • Contribute to local gardening and agricultural practices


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