About 30% of food in produced is wasted. It is generated at every step in the food system - farm, processing, stores, restaurants, and in the home.

Pinellas Community Compost follows this version of the food use hierarchy to guide our projects. We support:

  • Better food purchasing and food use habits for families.

  • Edible food recovery to feed hungry people. Check out the project, Creating a Regenerative Community Food System with Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger here.

  • Food preservation of local harvests by canning, dehydrating, freezing and fermenting. Classes are offered by our partner company, Living Roots Eco Design, LLC.

  • Compost systems on-site at schools, institutions, and multi-family residences (apartments, condos, dorms).

  • Community Compost Drop Off Stations

  • Proper composting at homes, community gardens, and beyond.

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