Why Compost?


Why Compost?

• Improved soil health
• Reduced pesticide and chemical use
• Reduction in plant diseases
• Composting (instead of landfilling or incinerating) food waste reduces methane and other greenhouse gas emissions caused by the rotting food waste
• Compost helps sequester carbon in the soil and can help reverse climate change.

Compost and the Environment

Compost is more than a soil amendment for vegetable gardens. According to Project Drawdowncompost is a solution to reverse climate change. When coupled with food waste reduction, local food production, and regenerative agriculture, it is a very powerful tool for sequestering carbon and reversing climate change. 

In the new Drawdown Review, an update to the original research project, compost's position as a tool to reverse global warming was elevated. It is available open-sourced at Project Drawdown's website (linked above).

Pinellas Community Compost is available for virtual and in-person compost and ecological landscape lectures and speaking engagements.

Composting council Research & education foundation resources

Soil and climate connection graphic.png
Soil and water connection graphic.png

These documents are excerpts from full publications. The complete documents can be purchased here.

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