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Are you ready to compost but not sure how to start? With the help of an experienced Compost Coach you can learn all the basics, troubleshooting and beyond.

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Who We Teach


Beginning Composters


  • Learn about compost system options and where to place it

  • The basics of what you should and should not compost

  • Where to get carbon (brown) resources locally

  • How to take care of the compost pile

  • Basic troubleshooting

  • How to use the finished compost

Experienced Composters

Take your compost to the next level! You’ll learn:

  • How to manage a larger compost system

  • More advanced troubleshooting

  • How to set up a Community Compost Drop Off Station

  • Different composting techniques

  • Compost system optimization

  • Thermal composting guidance

  • Vermicomposting

  • How to use temperature to guide your composting


Community and Schools Gardens

Most community and school gardens have a lot of people in and out, and it is easy for the compost to get overlooked. You can make your compost area just as interesting as the garden beds with some guidance.

  • Train a Compost Crew or team to be responsible for monitoring the compost

  • Make your own soil amendments to save time, energy and money

  • Set up a Community Compost Drop Off Station and learn to manage it

  • Host a compost class for the community

  • Learn basic composting skills


Urban Farms and Larger-Scale Compost Operations

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